New York City has endless and exciting adventures for people and their furry companions. However, it’s called The City That Never Sleeps for a reason, as it’s always bustling with activity, including smells, sights, and sounds that can be overwhelming for any dog or cat, even the most well-behaved. So before heading out into the busy city, check out the tips below for information about where to stay, what to pack, how to travel, and pet-friendly activities to help you and your pet have a stress-free experience!

Finding Pet-Friendly Accommodations

There are many hotels and rental properties to choose from when staying in the city, but not all will be the right fit for you and your pet. Websites such as Airbnb, BringFido, and VRBO are great tools to help you find the perfect place. Still, it’s not uncommon for accommodations to have size and breed restrictions, among other possible limitations regarding pets. You can avoid this problem by checking with property management to ensure your pet is welcome. Also, remember to inquire about additional fees that might be added to your bill when staying with a furry friend. Websites such as Airbnb, BringFido, and VRBO are great tools to help you find the perfect place.

Once you find the right place to stay, remember to pack a few of your pet’s favorite things, such as toys, a bed, and food bowls. Although some accommodations may provide these items, bringing them from home can help your pet feel more comfortable in an unfamiliar space, alleviating stress and worry for you!

Packing With Your Pet In Mind

As mentioned above, food bowls, a bed, and toys are essential to pack when traveling with your pet, but there are several other items you will want to have on hand, including:

  • The proper amount of their regular food, and maybe a little extra! Cats and dogs aren’t like people, and they often can’t switch abruptly to another food without getting an upset stomach, so it’s important to have enough of the food they are used to, which will save you from having to search for it should they run out.
  • Treats! High-reward treats can be a big help when adjusting your pet to a new location and will be especially useful when taking them around the big city, which may be overstimulating for them.
  • Water to stay hydrated, no matter the time of year. Many parks throughout the city have public fountains for people and pets; plus, some businesses like cafes and restaurants will have water bowls out or offer them if you are dining in. However, it’s best not to rely solely on others to ensure your pet stays hydrated, especially in the summer. There are many options for keeping your pet hydrated, including collapsable silicone bowls, which will allow you to give your pet water from your own bottle, or you can purchase a specialty bottle that dispenses water into an attached dish.
  • A travel litter box, wee-wee pads, and doggy bags are necessary to adequately meet your pet’s needs and keep your accommodations and the city clean.
  • Medications if needed. Like people, some pets are on regular medicines, so remember to check your supply and speak with your veterinarian before taking off on your adventure.

Other things you might include on your packing list are any necessary paperwork you might need, a pet first-aid kit in case of emergencies, and a coat if you are traveling in the winter and your pet likes to stay warm. Of course, you know your pet best, so add other items you think your cat or dog will benefit from to your packing list.

Getting Around The City With Your Pet

For most city goers, walking is the go-to form of travel. If you plan to spend time walking around the city with your pet, it’s important to have a lease, collar, or harness that you can trust. You should ensure these items are in good condition, meaning they are not fraying or falling apart; doing so will give you peace of mind and help keep your pet safe while walking.

Check the MTA’s rules and regulations if you are taking public transportation such as the subway and buses. Most small pets are allowed when in the proper carrier, but there may be restrictions for larger animals. Traveling by taxi or rideshare, individual drivers may not be comfortable with a pet in the car. This can be frustrating, but it’s better to do your due diligence for the comfort and safety of you and your pet.

Places To Go With Your Pet

The key to traveling with pets in NYC is preparing. It’s important to know the area you are going to be in, including businesses such as restaurants and stores that are pet friendly. PetsWelcome is an excellent resource for pet-friendly places to eat, shop, and play with your furry friend in NYC.

Remember, your pet might be well-trained and well-behaved, but not all you will encounter in the city are. So it’s essential to be aware of your surroundings when spending time with your pet in any public place; always keep them in their carrier or on a leash unless in a designated off-leash area.

If you are traveling with a dog and plan to take them to one of the many public dog parks, it’s a good idea to check with your veterinarian before traveling to ensure your pet is current on the proper vaccinations. No one wants to risk their pet getting sick, which can be a concern, mainly if they are around unfamiliar animals.

Lastly, you should also have the information for a trusted veterinarian to be on the safe side. For those in New York City, you can look to Pure Paws Veterinary Care for assistance and recommendations for emergency care.

With the tips provided, you and your pet should have a pawsitivley good time in New York City!