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Dermatology Services

When people think about dermatology, they may envision Botox and facials and skin checks, but for our vet patients, dermatology is much more. Did you know that the main reasons pets go to the vet are because of skin or ear issues?

As pet owners, you know our furry friends can experience a wide range of skin issues, from dryness and itching to infections and allergies. At Pure Paws, we offer comprehensive dermatology services to help diagnose and treat these conditions, so your pet can have healthy, comfortable skin.

Our dermatology services include:

Skin exams: During a skin exam, our experienced veterinarians will carefully examine your pet’s skin and coat for signs of rashes, lesions, lumps, or other abnormalities. We may also perform skin scrapings, skin cytology or biopsies to help diagnose underlying issues.

Allergy testing: If your pet is experiencing allergic reactions, we can perform serum allergy testing to identify the allergen(s) responsible. WE can also discuss hypoallergenic diet trials that may help us to rule out food allergies.

Treatment plans: Based on our diagnosis, we will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan to address your pet’s specific needs. Plans may include medications (such as antihistamines, apoquel or cytopoint), topical treatments, dietary changes, immunotherapy or other treatments to improve your pet’s comfort.

Ongoing care: We’ll provide ongoing support and monitoring to ensure your pet’s skin stays healthy. This may include regular check-ups, maintenance treatments, or adjustments to their treatment plan as needed.

At Pure Paws, we know allergies and skin conditions can be frustrating, but we are committed to educating you on how best way to manage these issues and staying by your side through that process. Schedule an online appointment today or call us to learn more about our dermatology services.