Do you plan on traveling with your pet? If so, please schedule a visit to obtain a health certificate as soon as possible! This is legally required for your pet to travel internationally.

Pure Paws Veterinary Care

Traveling With Your Pet?

The veterinarians at Pure Paws are federally accredited to complete Certification of Veterinary Inspection for your pet before you leave the country. This examination ensures your pet meets specific health regulations for the safety of you, your pet, and other members of society. Before you schedule a visit, we ask that you please check out USDA pet travel regulations. Specific regulations are dependent on your destination, so this will prevent travel delays associated with unpreparedness.

Before we can issue a certified health certificate for your pet, we must guarantee they are:

  • Healthy enough to travel
  • Parasite-free
  • Disease-free
  • Current on vaccines

You can fill out our Pure Paws Clinton Hill Travel Certification Form before you come in for your appointment.

If you are traveling by airplane, keep in mind that most airlines require proof of a health certificate ten days before departure. This is why planning is key! It is best if you can bring your pet onboard with you, but we understand that this is oftentimes not permitted. In these cases, make sure your pet will be in a pressurized section of the cargo hold to keep your pet safe from dangerously hot and cold temperatures. Also, do your best to book direct flights.

We also offer domestic health certificates!