Community Involvement

Pure Paws Veterinary Care - Community Involvement

Rock and Rawhide

Shelters can be a strikingly scary and stressful place for dogs and cats anxiously awaiting the day they are adopted. That’s why Rock & Rawhide is on a mission to help dogs and cats find their forever families through distraction therapy.

This clever non-profit organization collects treats, toys, blankets rawhides, donations and other pet goodies so animals are less stressed by the noise and stress in a shelter. Playing pets are less likely to bark, meow or exhibit anxiety. Instead, they show their true personalities and people fall in love with them! Rock & Rawhide collects items all over the city – at PetCo locations, concerts, art shows, you name it.

Pure Paws has been a proud sponsor of Rock and Rawhide in the past. Pure Paws Veterinary Care of Clinton Hill has also served as a drop box location where anyone is welcome to stop by and donate!

Beyond Breed’s Ruff Rider Project

Based in Brooklyn, Beyond Breed is a non-profit organization led by a group of volunteer who believe deeply in the universal bond felt between a person and their pet. Their mission is to share resources and information with pet owners in the community who deeply love their pet, but may struggle to support them.

Beyond Breed’s Ruff Riders Project is pretty amazing. Ruff Riders delivers complimentary pet supplies, routine veterinary care and even offers transportation to under-served neighborhoods in Brooklyn, all on a cargo trike!

Dr. Stephanie Liff works closely with Beyond Breed in Brooklyn. Pure Paws is Beyond Breed’s partner veterinary facility and they receive generous discounts on preventive care and routine veterinary services that enhance a pet’s quality of life such as spay/neuter procedure, dentals, and more.

Huffington Post featured Beyond Breed’s exciting project, ‘Dogs of New York’, and Dr. Stephanie Liff is presented!


Urban Cat League

There are a lot of street cats in New York City, and Urban Cat League has their backs. This organization does all they can to provide care and protection for the street kitties of NYC.

Each situation is unique. Some cats are put up for adoption, while others cannot be tamed and are trapped, neutered and returned (TNR). Urban Cat League makes sure the cats that cannot be tamed are relocated to a safer area individually or with their colony.

Pure Paws Veterinary Care of Hell’s Kitchen happily provides discounted care for the street kitties of Urban Cat League. When you visit our facility, look out for the donation jar at the front desk!

Mr. Bones & Co

Run by a group of kindhearted volunteers, Mr. Bones & Co. financially supports animal rescue groups, boosts public awareness of animal rescue and advocacy efforts, and leads a rescue and rehabilitation program, One Lucky Pup. This non-profit organization operates in New York City, nationally, and globally.

Mr. Bones & Co. is a foster-based group that removes dogs from animal shelters so they can be rescued, rehabilitated and trained until they are ready to be adopted into their forever homes. Mr. Bones & Co. also makes sure the dogs receive all of the veterinary services they need to be happy and healthy, from general preventive care to fracture repair and major surgical procedures.

At Pure Paws Veterinary Care, we discount the veterinary services Mr. Bones & Co. needs to save pups. We also assist with fostering and boarding when needed.

Shelter Chic

Shelter Chic’s ultimate mission is to help pets get adopted in a fun and upbeat atmosphere. The chic team transformed an animal hospital into a funky and edgy boutique-like atmosphere that attracts people to the location. Plus, the pets are dressed to impress in outfits that fit their individual personalities!

Pure Paws Veterinary Care recently sponsored Shelter Chic’s annual gala. We also happily provide discounted veterinary care and boarding services when they are lacking appropriate foster homes. Dr. Stephanie Liff is also on the Board of Charity!