Online Veterinary Pharmacy

Our online pharmacy, Covetrus, ships products that are sourced directly from the same veterinary distributors that supply our in-clinic pharmacy. This means you are guaranteed to get the same product at the same price you would if you were to buy it in our clinic.

Pure Paws Veterinary Care

In-Clinic and Online Veterinary Pharmacy

We maintain a fully stocked pharmacy in order to efficiently and affordably meet your pet’s medical needs. This means that you and your pet can go home with your pet’s medication in hand, allowing you to start treatment right away. In the event that we do not stock a specific medication, we can have it filled at our online pharmacy or send you home with a written prescription.
In the event that your pet needs a special diet, we also carry small starter bags of prescription and therapeutic diets. As you check out, we will email you a prescription for additional, larger bags which you can fill at your convenience on our online pharmacy or the pharmacy of your choice.

For the Clinton Hill online pharmacy click here.

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