In the bustling heart of NYC, where every dog owner seeks the best care for their furry companions, Pure Paws Hudson Square stands out as a veterinary hospital with a reputation for excellence. Over the years, Dr. Nuala McDermott has had the privilege of treating a variety of dogs big and small, earning her the trust of the community. This trust stems from a commitment to understanding the unique needs of our beloved four-legged friends, even those that stand tall and mighty.

  1. Nutrition and Exercise: The Foundation for Healthy Giants

Large dog breeds, such as Great Danes, Mastiffs, and German Shepherds, require special attention to nutrition and exercise from a young age. At Pure Paws Hudson Square, we emphasize the importance of tailored care plans to support the healthy growth and development of these gentle giants. Our team understands that the foundation for a happy and healthy large dog starts with proper nutrition and appropriate exercise routines.

  1. Preventative Care: Reducing the Risk of Bloat

One critical aspect of our approach is educating owners about the significance of prophylactic gastropexy. This procedure, typically performed at the time of spaying or neutering (around 18 months or older), helps reduce the risk of a life-threatening condition known as gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) or bloat. Our commitment to preventative care is aimed at ensuring the well-being of large and giant breed dogs throughout their lives.

  1. Listening and Awareness: Our Greatest Strength

At Pure Paws Hudson Square, we believe that being a trusted veterinarian for large and giant breed dogs goes beyond specialized skills. Our strength lies in actively listening to the concerns of pet owners and being aware of breed-specific issues. By fostering open communication, we create a partnership with owners to provide the best possible care for their canine companions.

  1. Personal Experience: Giant Dog Breeds

Don’t let Dr. McDermott’s adorable pug fool you, she too was a large dog breed owner at one point in her life, having owned both a Newfoundland as well as a Great Pyrenees! Her personal experiences with dog breeds of all calibers allow her to understand the diverse needs and challenges that come with all dogs.

Pure Paws Hudson Square is not just a veterinary hospital; it’s a place where the love for dogs and the commitment to their well-being converge. One of PPVC’s newest clients proclaimed;

“When I got our new puppy recently we had his first vet visit elsewhere, which wasn’t a good choice for a few reasons, the most important being an evident lack of knowledge about this large dog breed. We then turned to Instagram for recommendations on local veterinarians who work well with large dog breeds, and one user referred us to Dr. McDermott at Pure Paws Vet, explaining she is a veterinarian who is well-versed with his large breed. After getting some quick shots, Dr. McDermott was happy to answer all our questions, and was very knowledgeable! Overall, we had a great experience and are happy we made the switch.”

When you choose Pure Paws Hudson Square, you’re choosing a team that listens, cares, and is committed to the health and happiness of your cherished pets. Trust us to be your partner in providing exceptional care for your large and giant breed dogs in the heart of NYC.