Fashion Week Runway Has Cutest Model – a Pure Paws Client!

How Our Veterinary Clinic Helped a Canine Client Shine at Paris Fashion Week

In a heartwarming turn of events, a four-legged friend from our very own Pure Paws Veterinary Care of Hell’s Kitchen, in Manhattan, recently made waves in the fashion world. Meet Paige, known on Instagram at @zz_poo, a charming canine client who not only captured our hearts with her wagging tail, but also managed to steal the spotlight at this year’s Paris Fashion Week. The secret to Paige’s success? A seamless international travel certificate process provided by our dedicated veterinary team and Dr. Stephanie Liff.

The Unlikely Fashion Icon

Paige, a darling Maltese, who was one of the first pups to ever rock the runway in Paris at Fashion Week. had dreams that extended far beyond the bounds of your average dog park. Her owner, Ilene Zeins, took no chance when it came to making sure their pet travel documents were in order, and enlisted the help of Pure Paws – with their Pure Paws Travel process, they can process international and domestic travel certificates quickly and efficiently and in record time in some cases.

The Passport to Paris

International travel for pets is a complex affair, requiring meticulous attention to detail. Paige’s owner turned to our Pure Paws Veterinary Clinic, knowing that we had a reputation for providing top-notch travel certification services. Our team has traveled around the world with their own pets, and has processed travel documents for just about any country you can think of!

A Fashionable Debut

With the international travel certificate in paw, Paige made her way to the City of Lights, ready to dazzle the fashion world alongside a human model wearing the work of designer Funari New York. Paige was carried onto the runway at Paris Fashion Week, wearing a pup-sized gown that matched her human model counterpart.

A Tail-Wagging Success Story

Paige’s success story is a reminder that with the right care and support, our pets can achieve the extraordinary! Want to see more photos of Paige’s Fashion Week Debut? Check out her Instagram @zz_poo.